The tradition of pairing lime and salt with your agave spirit dates back to the early days of agave distillation when they produced, tequila cruda. The cheap, sickening, unrefined swill needed to be masked with the two sharp overpowering flavors to make it palatable. But times have changed! Over recent decades, the agave game has transformed significantly, and so have its counterparts. The spirits have become smoother and filled with flavor… earthy, fruity, sometimes smokey… and are to be sipped and celebrated. Tequila has quickly become the most sought after spirit in the world and Mezcal is making unbelievable waves across the globe that no one ever dreamt would happen. However, through all its success, the tradition of sipping your spirit straight with particular accompaniments stays alive. Yet instead of masking our agave spirits, we now compliment them with softer, enhancing flavors that make drinking an adventure, and not a task. The lime and salt have been replaced by tropical fruits, cacao, and artisanal salt blends. MEZSAL artisanal salts, are less like a traditional salt and more like a dehydrated cocktail designed to be the perfect accessory to every sip. You can have them on their own or choose to dip your favorite fruit for an extended experience.  Spice up your next margarita by adding an artisanal cocktail salt rim. Whichever path you choose, let it be in great company and in exceptional taste.